Go Bingo

Play Go-bingo with the local radio in Ringkøbing.
Play the game when you visit the city's shops anyway at Open By Night June 4th 2021.
Maybe you are one of those who wins.

Guide to Go Bingo.
Deutz Dansk

Guidance and rules of the game.

  • Go-bingo is played according to the same principles as traditional bingo, except that here you have to find the numbers yourself.

  • You buy your game boards:
    • On the radio stand at Wild West on June 4th 2021 between 1900 and 2200.
    • Or at Radio Ringkøbing Reberbanen 51, during office hours.

  • A playing sheet with six plates costs DKK 20, and you can buy all the ones you want.
    • On the front there are 6 game boards.
    • On the back there is an overview of the participating stores.

  • There are one or two signs with numbers hanging in selected shops.
    • Once you have found the numbers, cross them off on the game board.
    • Also tick the shop on the back so you can keep track of how far you have come.

  • Once you have visited all the shops, you can see if you have bingo.
    • If you have all 15 numbers on one of the six game boards, you have won a gift card for selected stores, value DKK 200.

  • The winnings must be picked up either where you bought the bingo card or at Radio Ringkøbing, Reberbanen 51.
    • The prizes must be picked up no later than Friday the 25th of June 2021 at 1400.
    • Remember to bring the whole bingo card with you to receive your prize winnings.

  • Formalities.
    • The Go-Bingo game is administered by Radio Ringkøbings Lytterforening.
    • The game has been reported to the Danish Gaming Authority.The permit can be seen where you buy your playing cards.
    • The profit goes to run local radio in the Ringkøbing area.
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