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RadioRingkobing i Ringkøbing.

Udsendelse: Morgenmusik og meddelelser, Vært: AA, Periode: 28-12-2021-0630-0800.
07:56:39Smoke on the waterDeep Purple00:05:38
07:51:53Bat out of hellMeat Loaf00:04:43
07:49:42I listen to my heartThe Cliffters00:01:43
07:46:56Tæt påHund I Snor feat. Nulle00:02:48
07:43:14Move itCliff Richard and The Shadows00:02:49
07:39:57Yesterday's goneChad and Jeremy00:02:29
07:36:43Year 3000Busted00:03:16
07:32:04Saturday nightWhigfield00:03:42
07:28:04Farvel til bluesSanne Salomonsen00:04:02
07:23:27Test of timeDownTown Mystic feat. Bruce Engler00:03:46
07:19:31Country houseBlur00:03:52
07:15:34The room is spinningKristina Renée00:03:40
07:11:08A wind called loveBarbara Dex Gunther Verspecht00:04:11
07:07:57The next timeCliff Richard00:02:55
07:05:36I'd like to teach the world to singThe New Seekers00:02:23
07:01:12Griseriet på BountyJohnny Madsen00:04:15
06:58:10The naughty lady of shady laneThe Ames brothers00:02:48
06:53:24Come onMoerch00:03:34
06:48:49Because you loved meCeline Dion00:04:32
06:46:14ZambesiThe Shadows00:02:36
06:43:01Happiness heySati Kazanova00:03:15
06:39:24The last timeThe Rolling Stones00:03:39
06:37:16ShakeHep Stars00:02:10
06:33:10On love with an angelMarie Arredondo, Christian Ingebrin00:04:08