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Udsendelse: Ikke ��nskeonsdag, Vært: AA, Periode: 02-03-2022-1000-1200.
11:56:29The cardsBackseat00:04:09
11:53:37Look here comes the sunBaronets00:02:54
11:49:28I turn to youMelanie C00:04:11
11:46:18FocusJacob Whitesides00:03:12
11:42:38DiamondsThe Cliffters00:03:42
11:39:42You're my worldPå slaget 1200:02:58
11:35:51Rock i synagogenSir Henry00:03:53
11:31:48I wanna know what love isDonny Osmond00:04:05
11:27:20RastepladsKatinka Band00:03:56
11:23:33If you can't give me loveSuzi Quatro00:03:52
11:20:04Bageren og servitricenShu bi dua00:03:31
11:16:31Davy's on the road againManfred Mann's Earth band00:03:34
11:13:15Need you to be mineMichael Kratz00:03:18
11:09:50If only I couldSydney Youngblood00:03:27
11:07:49White winter hymnal - fleet foxesIvarsson, Bang & Neumann00:02:03
11:03:50Don't let him call you babyBlue Wather Highway00:04:01
10:59:55I'll stand by youThe Pretenders00:03:57
10:57:01Kvaje KurtBamses Venner00:02:56
10:51:39Snowflakes from the sunKirsten & Marie00:05:23
10:47:59Jogging to the beatFlyers00:03:41
10:43:52SimplicityCliff Richard00:04:09
10:41:58Everyday I have to cryThe Defenders00:01:56
10:38:51Before and afterChad and Jeremy00:02:40
10:35:05Give inTina Dickow00:03:48
10:31:28Children of mineSavage Rose00:03:38
10:28:38Diamonds are foreverShirley Bassey00:02:39
10:24:53Endnu en dagPeter Asschenfeldt and The Colonels00:03:47
10:22:09TilfældegvisThomas Kjellerup00:02:46
10:18:13They can't take that away from meRod Stewart00:03:24
10:13:41Cum on feel the noizeSlade00:04:33
10:09:54NaNa hey hey kiss him goodbyeHermes House Band00:03:50
10:06:38London callingThe Clash00:03:18
10:03:08I lost it at the moviesMount David00:03:31