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Serviceradio i Ringkøbing.

Udsendelse: Go' 60/70'er musik, Vært: AB, Periode: 31-05-2022-1800-1900.
18:58:22Woogie boogieMouth and Macneal00:03:17
18:55:56WomanPeter and Gordon00:02:28
18:53:27Tired of waiting for youThe Kinks00:02:30
18:50:20Sweet LucindaSir Henry00:03:10
18:46:45Something's gotten hold of myGene Pitney00:03:36
18:44:13Funny faceDonna Fargo00:02:36
18:39:04Maggie MayRod Stewart00:05:11
18:36:29Gonna build a mountainThe Bachelors Collection00:02:37
18:33:23Der er lys i lygtenThe Defenders00:03:08
18:30:42Here comes my babyThe Tremeloes00:02:43
18:27:00All you get from love is a lovesongCarpenters00:03:44
18:19:29Too young to be marriedThe Hollies00:03:59
18:17:16Concrete and clayUnit four plus two00:02:15
18:14:14Here comes the sunThe Beatles00:03:04
18:06:49Workin' my way backDetroit Spinners00:03:58
18:04:00The catGasolin00:02:50
18:03:50Intro speakAnton Bjerg00:00:12