Her kan man se, hvad der er blevet spillet på
Serviceradio i Ringkøbing.

Udsendelse: Sidst på ugen, Vært: AA, Periode: 30-10-2020-1600-1800.
17:57:56Barry WhiteBo Evers00:02:35
17:55:28Looking out my back doorCreedence Clearwater Revival00:02:29
17:52:09Everything I ownKen Boothe00:03:20
17:47:09Born to runBruce Springsteen00:04:28
17:43:26Bentleys gonna sort you out !Bentley Rhythm Ace00:03:43
17:40:07Light down lowJessie James Decker00:03:21
17:36:08LiverpoolRingo Starr00:03:59
17:32:18Between the earth and the starsBonnie Tyler00:03:51
17:30:19You know he didThe Hollies00:02:01
17:25:00Old black magicJohs Ritter00:04:44
17:20:40The rhythm of the nightCorona00:04:21
17:17:18The theme from the DeerhunterThe Shadows00:03:23
17:14:34In a moment of madnessWhite Plains00:02:45
17:11:48Public imageAlpha Beat00:02:47
17:08:00October and aprilThe Rasmus00:03:47
17:03:07Beach babyFirst class00:04:53
16:59:46Another worldOne Direction00:03:22
16:56:10Flyv nu bortJanette Sund00:03:35
16:52:53I believe in youKylie Minogue00:03:18
16:50:30Fake fur coatJeff Tweedy00:02:25
16:46:25Sunny afternoonHank Marvin00:03:42
16:43:50Yellow submarineThe Beatles00:02:35
16:35:53Sommer i EuropaRasmus Nøhr00:04:26
16:31:54All I want is loveGudrun00:04:00
16:27:46Sending me angelsAndrew Strong00:04:09
16:24:05Grip of loveSanne Salomonsen00:03:41
16:19:28The whisperNew Kids On The Block00:04:37
16:15:39Oh what a shameRoy Wood00:03:50
16:13:44Wear my ring around your neckHep Stars00:01:55
16:09:45Gold diggerThomas Helmig00:03:52
16:06:10Coco JambooMr. President00:03:36
16:02:27Fuldmånen lyserGnags00:03:42