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Serviceradio i Ringkøbing.

Udsendelse: Ulvetimerne, Vært: AA, Periode: 28-01-2019-1600-1800.
17:55:35Always somewhereScorpions00:04:54
17:52:37Treat her rightGeorge Thorogood00:02:59
17:50:02Chain gangSam Cooke00:02:36
17:47:04Blame it on the pony expressJohnny Johnson00:02:59
17:44:44Tutti fruttiLittle Richard00:02:22
17:41:30Can't get by without youReal thing00:03:16
17:38:15Verden i ståRasmus Walter00:03:16
17:34:21Something worth leaving behindMaria Lucia00:03:56
17:30:28Another day in paradiseCasa & Nova00:03:54
17:25:33Jeg falderTine Mynster00:04:50
17:22:36Girl, you be a woman soonUrge Overkill00:02:58
17:18:48Steal my girlOne Direction00:03:47
17:15:25It's so easySheryl Crow00:03:23
17:11:52Summer noonJeff Tweedy00:03:35
17:07:59You are the oneC2100:03:46
17:04:10NaNa hey hey kiss him goodbyeHermes House Band00:03:50
17:01:17Higher and higherJackie Wilson00:02:54
16:57:48Wait and seeThe Blue Van00:02:49
16:53:56Life is a rollercoasterRonan Keating00:03:53
16:50:11Some peopleCliff Richard00:03:46
16:45:59StrongerFaith Hill00:04:13
16:41:42My hometownBruce Springsteen00:04:07
16:38:39Fools rush inRicky Nelson00:02:36
16:36:12Black and whiteGreyhound00:02:29
16:33:40When a man loves a womanMungo Jerry00:02:33
16:31:03Then he kissed mePå slaget 1200:02:38
16:28:31Træk'n indBamses Venner00:02:33
16:24:04You took my heart awayMichael Learns To Rock00:04:28
16:21:48Why do fools fall in loveFrankie Lymon and The Teenagers00:02:16
16:16:02Absolute beginnersDavid Bowie00:05:35
16:13:14Anytime anywhere anywayBrødrene Olsen00:02:49
16:09:34Love is easyMcFly00:03:40
16:05:07I know what love isCeline Dion00:04:27