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Udsendelse: Go morgen tirsdag, Vært: AA, Periode: 24-10-2017-0630-0900.
08:58:03Cathy's clownThe Everly brothers00:02:22
08:55:03Strange worldBeach Boys00:03:01
08:51:31Behind blue eyesThe Who00:03:34
08:47:36Give ém my numberJanie Frickie00:03:23
08:43:41SalvationMichael Learns To Rock00:03:57
08:35:06Blue strat medleyTwins00:03:11
08:32:43WhenKalin Twins00:02:24
08:28:21Pizzeria FantasiaFenders00:04:24
08:25:27Crackling RosieNeil Diamond00:02:55
08:21:34California blueRoy Orbison00:03:55
08:18:46Penicillin pennyDr. Hook and the Medicine show00:02:50
08:14:24Baby I love your wayBig Mountain00:04:24
08:11:55Baby let's waitThe Royal Guardsmen00:02:31
08:06:23King of my castleWamdue Project00:03:38
08:03:48Roses are red my loveBobby Vinton00:02:36
07:59:48No honestlyLynsey De Paul00:03:30
07:54:36Something to talk aboutWenche00:03:40
07:52:20Tears on my pillowLittle Anthony and the Imperials00:02:13
07:46:49Karma ChameleonCulture Club00:04:01
07:41:32Mandags-stævnemødeRay Dee Ohh00:04:03
07:37:52She's good to meJoe Cocker00:02:56
07:33:34You're my heart you're my soulModern Talking00:03:49
07:30:33You got what it takesShowaddywaddy00:03:03
07:28:33Love birdsMatadorerne00:01:57
07:24:07My friend JackSmoke00:02:59
07:20:20Call me number oneThe Tremeloes00:03:44
07:15:59Little yellow radioBrødrene Olsen00:02:57
07:11:14Let's hang onMcKinleys00:03:04
07:07:50Then I kissed herThe Beach Boys00:02:13
07:05:00HippopotamusKim Larsen og Kjukken00:02:52
07:01:17That's all right mamaThe Beatles00:02:54
06:57:31Why did it have to be meAbba00:03:19
06:53:05Hold on tightE.L.O.00:03:07
06:50:16I think I love youPartridge Family00:02:50
06:47:58MarinaDave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tic00:02:14
06:44:41Behind closed doorsTamra Rosanes00:03:19
06:41:51Great balls of fireThe Cliffters00:02:52
06:38:11The guitar playsFortunes00:03:42
06:33:20Billie JeanMichael Jackson00:04:52
06:30:13Play that funky musicWild Cherry00:03:09