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Serviceradio i Ringkøbing.

Udsendelse: Go' 60/70'er musik, Vært: AB, Periode: 22-09-2020-1800-1900.
18:58:21Do the yo-yoWalkers00:02:48
18:55:23That's the wayK C and The Sunshine Band00:02:59
18:52:00Rock'n roll marionetteJim and Ady00:03:24
18:49:09Stop the musicLenne and the Lee Kings00:02:51
18:46:00Mean woman bluesThe Spencer Davis Group00:03:10
18:38:45Hello goodbyeThe Beatles00:03:25
18:35:35Don't play your rock'n roll to meSmokie00:03:11
18:31:49Paint it blackThe Rolling Stones00:03:48
18:28:39Something's happeningHermans Hermits00:03:10
18:25:56Making love and musicDr. Hook00:02:44
18:22:00All along the watchtowerJimi Hendrix00:03:56
18:18:58Under the boardwalkSomeones00:02:51
18:16:40Bad to meBilly J. Kramer and The Dakotas00:02:18
18:14:35Nine times out of tenCliff Richard00:02:06
18:11:52She criedJan and The Americans00:02:36
18:08:04Unchained melodyRighteours Brothers00:03:35
18:05:06Good grief ChristinaChicory Tip00:02:57
18:02:46Ferry across the merseyGerry and the Pacemakers00:02:22
18:02:34Intro speakAnton Bjerg00:00:12