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Serviceradio i Ringkøbing.

Udsendelse: Fredagsguf light, Vært: AA, Periode: 19-04-2019-1600-1800.
17:59:43Not over you yetDiana Ross00:04:02
17:56:17This is my songPetula Clark00:03:28
17:51:24River blueA La Carte, A La Carte00:04:54
17:47:28Lucy in the sky with diamondsThe Beatles00:03:24
17:44:25When I was youngEric Burdon and the Animals00:03:03
17:41:23I think I found itManic Street Preachers00:03:04
17:38:06Go' morgen GryClaus Grønkjær Christensen00:03:17
17:36:02SnowbirdLynn Anderson00:02:05
17:32:36It's on againAlicia Keys feat. Kendrick Lamar00:03:27
17:24:00American pieDon Mclean00:08:28
17:17:36Heal the worldMichael Jackson00:06:23
17:11:08When you walk in the roomSearchers00:02:24
17:06:36Let the love go onMe and My00:04:00
17:02:26Farvel til bluesSanne Salomonsen00:04:02
16:58:01Up where we belongMartin og Ea00:04:18
16:54:44Running down the walls2 hours late00:03:17
16:50:59Whitout youShehzad Bhanji00:03:45
16:47:14The same old you and the same old mBilly Cross00:03:46
16:43:46You got itRoy Orbison00:03:29
16:40:41Looking for summerFenders00:03:05
16:37:34Staying songDr. Hook00:02:35
16:34:29LodiCreedence Clearwater Revival00:03:06
16:28:17The power of loveCeline Dion00:04:45
16:21:52Let's make a night to rememberBryan Adams00:06:17
16:19:44Barbara AnnThe Regents00:02:09
16:16:11WomanFlemming Bamse Jørgensen00:03:33
16:12:00Dating på nettetRioja Joe00:04:11
16:09:37Stupid cupidConnie Francis00:02:10
16:06:06I hear you knockingPå slaget 1200:03:33
16:02:07Rock away your teardropsSmokie00:03:52