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Serviceradio i Ringkøbing.

Udsendelse: Country, Vært: AA, Periode: 16-11-2017-1700-1800.
17:59:47You're why God made meTracy Lawrence00:03:03
17:56:15Cheaper than freeDave Stewart and Stevie Nicks00:03:34
17:53:01Teach your children to loveSynthesizer greatest00:03:05
17:48:38The sun is shining on my...Bobby Atkins and Margie Lynn00:04:25
17:46:12Blue eyes crying in the rainLena00:02:27
17:43:10You could steal meMike Aiken00:03:04
17:39:39Missed you just rightToby Keith00:03:33
17:36:08Going To NashvilleTony Clarke00:03:34
17:32:41Geiger in der country bandTruck Stop00:03:28
17:29:36Round and roundNancy Laberge00:02:51
17:26:43Too many riversBobby Flores00:02:55
17:23:54This ole boy ain't gonna....Ernie Ashworth00:02:50
17:21:03It hurts sometimesRoy Martin00:02:53
17:17:36Brevet til farCountry Expressen00:03:03
17:13:48Bear bait and ammoGeorge Jones00:03:50
17:11:01Always on my mindBrenda Lee00:02:48
17:08:34Leavin on your mindKim Dickinson00:02:23
17:04:55Wild HorseThe killers00:03:41
17:04:43Nu er det tid til countryCille00:00:14