Her kan man se, hvad der er blevet spillet på
Serviceradio i Ringkøbing.

Udsendelse: Fredagsguf Light, Vært: AA, Periode: 12-07-2019-1600-1800.
17:59:34Talking to youJakob Sveistrup00:03:00
17:55:15All I haveModern Talking00:04:20
17:51:51So far awayMaggie Reilly00:03:23
17:47:58Come up and see meCockney Rebel00:03:54
17:45:19Knights in rusty armourPeter and Gordon00:02:39
17:42:51GirlThe Beatles00:02:28
17:39:54Wake upJessica Andersson00:02:59
17:36:18Let me goGary Barlow00:03:36
17:32:06Wild frontierGary Moore00:04:13
17:27:12Tik tikKim Larsen00:04:47
17:24:43In the summernightTeach in00:02:31
17:21:45Twist of loveSidsel Ben Semmane00:02:58
17:16:48Just the way you areKirsten Siggaard00:04:56
17:13:34Isn't it loveMartin og Ea00:03:14
17:10:36Molly MaloneBrian Dullaghan00:02:58
17:06:48To be with youWestlife00:03:19
17:02:15Senza Una DonnaZucchere and Poul Young00:04:25
16:58:46UadskilligeChristian Brøns00:03:24
16:55:34Rom og colaShu bi dua00:03:12
16:52:20How longEagels00:03:14
16:47:15Hurt againWendy Walker00:04:08
16:43:16Love is to blameMette Kirkegaard00:03:59
16:39:20Two out of three ain't badMeat Loaf00:03:56
16:35:33Lying in the arms of the one you...Smokie00:03:48
16:31:07October rainThomas Helmig00:04:27
16:27:11DanceSvenne og Lotta00:03:22
16:23:56Charlie BrownTwo man sound00:03:09
16:20:37Always on my mindChris De Burgh00:03:20
16:18:10Lesson oneRuss Conway00:02:28
16:14:49Only youThe Flying Pickets00:03:22
16:11:11Længes efter mereLis Sørensen00:03:38
16:08:20Look out here comes tomorrowThe Monkees00:02:09
16:06:00She's not thereZombies00:02:21
16:02:27Motorcycle mamaHarpo00:03:25