Her kan man se, hvad der er blevet spillet på
Serviceradio i Ringkøbing.

Udsendelse: Ikke hum��rtimen, Vært: AA, Periode: 11-05-2022-1300-1400.
13:56:16Kære linedanserElsborgMaribo00:05:10
13:53:42Ribbon of darknessConnie Smith00:02:36
13:50:50I could easily fall in love with yoCliff Richard00:02:53
13:47:12To be with youMr. Big00:03:19
13:44:05Sliding off the sidewalk of loveAnn J00:03:09
13:39:45Break the cycleChristina Smith Langtoft00:03:48
13:36:50Little yellow radioBrødrene Olsen00:02:57
13:32:36Belong to the seaAqua00:04:15
13:29:15You've lost that loving feelingWestlife00:03:23
13:25:10Can't take my eyes off of youHermes House Band00:04:06
13:19:55The other endInbal Paz00:03:54
13:15:00To know him is to love himThe Teddy Bears00:02:19
13:11:45And I found this boyMaia Hirasawa00:03:17
13:08:45Rock or bustAc/dc00:03:02
13:06:37In the hall of the mountain kingSounds Incorporated00:02:10
13:03:03How will I know (who you are)Jessica00:03:35