Her kan man se, hvad der er blevet spillet på
Serviceradio i Ringkøbing.

Udsendelse: Hum��rtimen, Vært: AA, Periode: 06-10-2021-1300-1400.
13:58:25Rhytm of the rainBrødrene Olsen00:02:27
13:55:14Something you needAshley North00:03:12
13:52:30Rock the partyFive00:02:46
13:49:29SugartimeThe McGuire Sisters00:02:29
13:46:34Two are stronger than oneMe and My00:02:56
13:43:16Here comes your manPixies00:03:20
13:38:15It's only loveSheryl Crow00:05:03
13:35:49Come dig this rock'n'rollKool Cad and the Tailfins00:02:27
13:32:28Don't pay the ferrymanChris De Burgh00:03:23
13:29:07So far awayMaggie Reilly00:03:23
13:24:41Sommer på vejMichael Falch00:04:27
13:21:52I saw her standing thereThe Beatles00:02:51
13:17:50When I was young00:03:35
13:14:00Hungry eyesSmokie00:03:51
13:07:29Marie MarieShakin' Stevens00:02:42
13:03:04Can't stop this thing we startBryan Adams00:04:27
13:00:47Roll over BeethovenChuck Berry00:02:19