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Udsendelse: Country, Vært: AA, Periode: 01-12-2017-1100-1200.
11:58:54Country boyDon Williams00:02:55
11:55:23My mother was a ladyJohnny Cash00:03:33
11:51:18BlissThem Bird Things00:03:57
11:47:36Memories of youBente Boe00:03:34
11:44:32Moving onAnni Filt00:03:07
11:41:21In my dreamsEmmylou Harris00:03:12
11:39:01Come a little dogPalace Brothers00:02:15
11:38:08You'll never be sorryBellamy Brothers00:00:55
11:35:32Yonder comes a suckerDerrick Mehaffey00:02:38
11:32:44Nutz die zeitTom Astor00:02:49
11:28:59goodbye johnny dearBig Ivan00:03:47
11:26:10Memory number oneDaniel o'Donnell00:02:51
11:23:01Detroit cityThe next of kin00:03:11
11:20:12Saturday nightKevin Costner and Modern West00:02:50
11:16:58American loveJake Owen00:03:09
11:12:32Favorite yearDixie Chicks00:04:28
11:07:46Your freedomGospelbeach00:04:31
11:04:40It's time to cross that bridgeLiz Talley and Billy Yates00:03:08
11:01:15My fathers daughterWenche00:03:26
11:01:03Nu er det tid til countryCille00:00:14