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Udsendelse: Go' 60/70'er musik, Vært: AB, Periode: 01-07-2020-1800-1900.
18:57:59You're not the only oneMcKinleys00:03:49
18:55:53The birds and the beesJewel Akens00:02:07
18:52:43KnudenShu bi dua00:03:09
18:50:42Surfing safariThe Beach Boys00:02:03
18:47:51In dreamsRoy Orbison00:02:46
18:44:06Tumbling diceThe Rolling Stones00:03:44
18:41:41Let's danceChris Montez00:02:25
18:35:36My friend JackSmoke00:02:59
18:33:14Keep off that friend of mineThe Hollies00:02:08
18:30:37Tell it like it isAaron Neville00:02:37
18:28:42Bits and piecesDave Clark Five00:01:56
18:25:37You you youAlvin Stardust00:03:05
18:21:45Need your love so badFleetwood Mac00:03:48
18:19:36What do you want to make those eyesOtto Brandenburg00:02:11
18:14:21Crying my heart out for youNeil Sedaka00:02:11
18:11:10More than a womanBee Gees00:03:13
18:08:12VenusShocking blue00:02:58
18:05:37I'm so happyRed Squares00:02:35
18:03:26Doctor RobertThe Beatles00:02:11
18:01:13Homeward boundThe Bachelors Collection00:02:14
18:01:01Intro speakAnton Bjerg00:00:12