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Lokalradio i Ringkøbing.

Udsendelse: Go morgen fredag, Vært: AA, Periode: 19-05-2017-0600-0830.
08:24:57Teach your childrenCowgirls00:03:02
08:22:11I never had a chanceThe Cliffters00:02:48
08:18:43Twisting by the poolDire Straits00:03:29
08:15:00Tænk engangLars Lilholt Band00:03:45
08:11:42You never can tellEmmylou Harris00:03:19
08:06:22Everytime you go awayPoul Young00:05:22
08:00:22Me va, me vaJulio Iglesias00:05:57
07:56:11I love to loveTina Charles00:03:00
07:52:04Livet er kortJohn Mogensen00:03:07
07:49:13Chantilly laceBig Bopper00:02:22
07:46:05Hist hvor vejen slår en bugtShu bi dua00:03:05
07:42:11Would you lay with meTamra Rosanes00:03:27
07:38:53Treat me rightLasse Helner00:02:54
07:35:35Oh oh what a kissRocking Ghosts00:03:20
07:31:49For the longest timeBilly Joel00:03:23
07:29:01BimboJim Reeves00:02:44
07:24:36FlirtGitte Hænning00:03:22
07:18:02Mød mig MemphisKandis00:02:40
07:13:10Queen of your heartSidsel Ben Semmane00:04:34
07:09:26Ridder LykkeRocazino00:03:34
07:06:46Long live loveSandie Shaw00:02:37
07:02:43Let's spend the night togetherThe Rolling Stones00:03:36
06:59:49When you're in love with a beautifuDr. Hook00:02:56
06:56:58Donna10 CC00:02:53
06:53:13Beaches in mindBeach Boys00:02:35
06:46:33Pretty little angel eyesShowaddywaddy00:02:52
06:43:12BarbadosTypically Tropical00:02:49
06:40:38Up around the bendCreedence Clearwater Revival00:02:36
06:37:38TaxaSanne Salomonsen00:03:01
06:34:35I only wanna be with youPå slaget 1200:02:31
06:31:17You're so beautifulTommy Thiel00:03:20
06:29:04Barbara AnnThe Regents00:02:09
06:26:22Here comes that rainy day feelFortunes00:02:44
06:22:44You'll never find another loveLou Rawis00:03:30
06:19:00George, Paul, Ringo og JohnIb Grønbech00:03:45
06:16:08Judy in disguiseJohn Fred and his Playboys00:02:54
06:12:48Go nowPeter Belli00:03:11
06:09:13Nobody told meJohn Lennon00:03:32
06:06:32Take it or leave itSearchers00:02:43
06:03:35CandidaOwen Gray00:02:59