Her kan man se, hvad der er blevet spillet på
Lokalradio i Ringkøbing.

Udsendelse: Go morgen fredag, Vært: AA, Periode: 15-09-2017-0600-0830.
08:22:49Let's danceDavid Bowie00:04:07
08:20:39It's my partyLesley Gore00:02:12
08:17:42Dedicated follower of fashionThe Kinks00:02:59
08:14:12I got the feelingJames Brown00:03:32
08:11:40Dear little motherSavage Rose00:02:34
08:08:12It's a little too lateTanya Tucker00:02:36
08:04:32Køb bananerKim Larsen00:03:42
08:01:55Sealed with a kissChris De Burgh00:02:33
07:58:33Red red wineUb-4000:02:57
07:52:50Help me make it through the nightTamra Rosanes00:04:09
07:49:44Walking after midnightPatsy Cline00:02:30
07:47:03It's your thingAndrew Strong00:02:38
07:42:56CeciliaSimon and Garfunkel00:02:55
07:38:20Stuck in my heartC2100:03:42
07:35:59It's in her kissThe Swinging Blue Jeans00:02:23
07:31:22CopenhagenTommy Seebach00:04:27
07:27:01When I fall in loveCeline Dion and Clive Griffen00:04:18
07:23:21Long cool woman in a black dressThe Hollies00:03:18
07:18:09One day in your lifeAnastacia00:03:23
07:14:25World of our ownWestlife00:03:28
07:09:06Life in the fast laneEagles00:04:43
07:06:49Do you wanna danceCliff Richard00:02:14
06:54:37Maggie MayRod Stewart00:05:11
06:48:15Me va, me vaJulio Iglesias00:05:57
06:45:56Hard to handleThe Commitments00:02:21
06:42:55I can take or leave your lovingHermans Hermits00:02:29
06:39:00Never gonna give you upAnn-Louise00:03:32
06:35:50MatrimonyGilbert O'Sullivan00:03:12
06:32:17City of dreams (Midt om natten)The Loft00:03:02
06:29:31Beg steal or borrowThe New Seekers00:02:43
06:26:13Ruby tuesdayThe Rolling Stones00:03:20
06:23:00So longAbba00:03:04
06:19:48Schubi schubi na naKom on00:03:13
06:16:30Love is in the airKlaus og Servants00:03:20
06:13:50Tallahassee LassieFreddy Cannon00:02:32
06:10:33Everlasting lovePå slaget 1200:03:18
06:07:33FolkevognenShu bi dua00:02:57
06:04:24I love you love meGary Glitter00:03:11
06:00:53Baby its youShakin' Stevens00:03:33