Her kan man se, hvad der er blevet spillet på
Lokalradio i Ringkøbing.

Udsendelse: Go morgen mandag, Vært: AA, Periode: 04-09-2017-0600-0900.
08:57:39For lidt eller for megetVenter på far00:04:03
08:54:20The next time I'm in townMark Knopfler and Chet Atkins00:03:21
08:51:41Reet petiteJackie Wilson00:02:41
08:47:13IrisGoo Goo Dolls00:04:30
08:44:56Charlie BrownCoasters00:02:19
08:39:18Køen i KvicklyPoul Krebs00:03:03
08:36:32Little saferBek Ofis00:02:48
08:34:48MariaKim Larsen00:01:45
08:31:45Don'tHep Stars00:03:05
08:20:28Treat her rightRoy Head and the Traits00:02:01
08:17:37The last JimGasolin00:02:53
08:13:30Right next to the right oneTim Christensen00:04:08
08:07:53Oh oh DaisyRocking Ghosts00:03:17
08:02:56Too LateKrackerjack00:04:48
07:58:07In the shadowsThe Rasmus00:04:14
07:54:11A little bit me, a little bit youThe Monkees00:02:39
07:49:20Jeg holder fastBack To Back00:03:34
07:43:48Suspicious mindsBig Fat Snake00:04:28
07:40:06Beautiful onesSuede00:03:43
07:36:25King of my castleWamdue Project00:03:38
07:31:22I don't wanna lose youTina Turner00:04:13
07:29:25Please please meThe Beatles00:01:58
07:27:29StayRed Squares00:01:53
07:22:46Don't cryThe Collins00:03:29
07:17:49Up where we belongJ. Warnes00:03:51
07:13:05Woman in loveThe three degrees00:04:02
07:08:42Alone again naturallyGilbert O'Sullivan00:03:35
07:04:58Out of reachGabrielle00:03:15
07:01:48Jeg be'r digØst For Vest / Louise Blem00:03:06
06:57:10One of usJoan Osborne00:04:13
06:52:20Fall upSus B00:03:19
06:45:57Lyin' eyesEagles00:06:20
06:41:43It's a hard lifeQueen00:04:05
06:37:15Den allerførste gangAnn Mette Elten00:04:22
06:32:55Lost highwayBon Jovi00:04:12
06:30:32I've told every little starJessica Andersson00:02:25
06:26:30Paper dollJohn Mayer00:03:58
06:22:08Out in the fieldsGary Moore00:04:15
06:16:25All it takesHanne Boel00:04:58
06:12:43She belongs to meThomas Helmig00:03:10
06:08:22Right here waitingCliff Richard00:04:17
06:06:08Little by littlePeter Belli & Les Rivals00:02:16
06:02:54Can't get by without youReal thing00:03:16